About Our Discounts & Specials

Orders Are Reviewed For Accuracy
The OrthoSource Product Line includes over 10,000 invididual items, most with quantity and/or mix-and-match discounts.  The shopping cart is able to handle these discounts automatically.  Certain promotions, such as Free Item Specials, are processed during order review.

When your online order is complete, it is carefully reviewed and checked against our offline system to verify availability, prices, discounts and specials.  

Get A Free Gift Specials
Free items are added to the order during review (for example, the Free Self or Light Cure with purchase of 10 Crystal Clear (Invisible) Brackets).  They will not appear in your online cart automatically.  Free items are to be added to your shipment when the online order is reviewed and processed. 
Buy Certain Amount ... Get 1 Free
Instead of adding a free item to your cart, the items are discounted to a price that is equivalent to one free item.  See the following example...

Buy 5, Get 1 Free Example 
Buy-5-Get-1-Free is the same discount as "Get 6 For The Price of 5."  For example: A $12 item is listed as "Buy 5, Get 1 Free."  The online cart calculates this as: 1 - 5 units of this item are $12 each, and 6 or more are $10 each.  Therefore, 6 units would cost $60 (6 x $10) instead of $72, resulting in a $12 discount -- the equivalent of one free item.  Notice that placing 5, $12 items in the cart also works out to $60 -- the price for 5 or for 6 is the same (6 for the price of 5), which works out to "Buy 5, Get 1 Free." 

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